Ref. 1110

At 2 kilometres from Alcañiz we sell 12.000m2 farmland with a stone cabin, near Hotel 'Villa Monter'. It has good access and a big field of alfalfa and fruit trees (cherries, peach, nispero, etc.). The frame of a green house stands in the vegetable garden and there is a swimming pool which has been covered with a cement lid to use it as a water tank. The lid could be removed. The stone cabin, built with planning permission, has on ground level a BBQ and a kitchen/dining room with fire place. On the top floor are two bedrooms. There is also a small garage with a tractor and its tools and there's a shed with hens and rabbits. An irrigation channel supplies water and mains power can be connected at 100 metres.

Price: 73.500 Euros

Design, development and maintenance: Sedinet