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For sale in Castelseras, a village at 8 kilometre from Alcañiz: 2.000m2 terrain with a 1.000m2 barn on it. 300m2 of the barn is covered with a metal roof and 700m2 has no roof. As you can see in the pictures, the open section would be perfect for breeding snails and the covered section for live-stock farming. Attached to the bar is a 60m2 two-storey house. At ground level it has a garage and the top floor has a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom and two bedrooms. With very few costs the house could be turned into a decent place to live. The land is connected to an irrigation channel and a pump feeds this water into a high built water storage tank that gives gravity fed pressure to the water supply in both barn and house. Due to its location near the racing circuit "Motorland" in Alcañiz, this would be the ideal place to built a small B&B or hotel for motorists. Very interesting price.

Price: 33.000 Euros with convenient payment facilities.

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