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Hotel for sale in Calaceite, a beautiful village in the Comarca del Matarraña. Located at the main road and in full running order. Fully equipped kitchen and fully furnished bar and restaurant with all necessities. The business receives many clients for being the first restaurant in Aragón coming from Catalonia and it's also on the connecting route from Zaragoza and Navarra to Salou. The building has three floors. At ground level you find the kitchen, the bar and a restaurant which seats 120 people. On both upper floors you find the guest rooms. The guest rooms are in disuse and need repairs. There's a 10.000 m2 car park right at the village boundaries and it may therefore be turned into building plots in the future.

The well located site of this hotel marks our price: 700.000 Euros.

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Design, development and maintenance: Sedinet