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For sale in Calaceite: 4 storey house with 619m2 total floor space, built on a 213m2 plot. At ground level there is a 70m2 shop, a passage that gives access to the rest of the house and a beautiful wine cellar with two levels, whose subterranean level has some beautiful stone arches. There's a Spanish staircase with granite steps and iron railings. The first floor consists of a noble part with two bedrooms, a spacious living room, a bathroom and an office. The less formal part of the first floor has an antique fireplace, various rooms with antique furniture and a courtyard of approximately 30m2. The second floor has a dining room, kitchen, living room and two bedrooms. The ceilings are made with beautiful well preserved antique square beams. On the top floor is the grain storage and a beautiful terrace with nice views of the mountains. Half of the house has a new roof, made with concrete beams. The other half still has an old roof with wooden beams.

Price: 280.000 Euros. We're open to hear your offer.


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  • Town: Calaceite

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Design, development and maintenance: Sedinet