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In the city centre of Alcañiz we sell this building with 5 storeys and a basement. In the basement there is a boiler and storage space for firewood. The ground floor is a 100m2 shop, currently in use as a clothes shop, fully equipped with a small office. The first floor is a diaphanous room, currently in use to store merchandise. The second floor is an apartment with dining/living room, kitchen, two bathrooms and four habitable bedrooms. The third floor is another diaphanous space of 100m2. The top floor is a loft with fireplace and a hobby room with an enormous table, perfect for dinner parties and there are two rooftop terraces, one with views of the church and one with views of the castle. The building has no elevator, but a spacious light shaft where an elevator could easily be installed.

Price: 450.000 Euros, we're open for payment arrangements


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  • Town: Alcañiz

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Design, development and maintenance: Sedinet